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Plant-Based Meats About to Become Cheaper than Animal Flesh: But What About the Cost to Your Health?

Plant-based meats are becoming increasingly diverse and popular, and sales have risen a whopping 26 percent in the last year alone. With the average cost estimated to be about $9 per pound, these meat alternatives don’t come cheap, but according to a new report, things are about to change: “It’s all but inevitable that the plant-based meat industry will eventually be cost-competitive with conventional meat. In fact, this tipping point may hit relatively soon given the recent flurry of activity…,” reports Good Food Institute Senior Scientist Liz Specht.


The UN Urges People to Eat Plant-Based in Order to Fight Climate Change

Global warming has been called humankind’s greatest challenge and the West’s high consumption of meat and dairy is a major contributor. The climate change caused by animal agriculture poses a serious threat to our food supply and to our very existence here on earth. Even the UN is now advising people cut down their intake of animal products, and move towards a plant-based diet. I’ve been advocating this diet for decades and if you haven’t already made the switch, I urge you to consider the innumerable benefits. Not only is plant-based eating the best way to cut your carbon footprint, it also reduces animal cruelty and is scientifically proven to be the best diet for health and longevity.


The Miracle Phytochemicals that Prevent Cancer, Aging and More

If your mom ever told you to eat your broccoli, she was onto something. While all vegetables contain healthful nutrients, cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, turnip, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and kale provide three of the most important plant compounds for human health. These plant compounds (phytochemicals) have been extensively researched with thousands of publications describing there efficacy in the prevention and treatment of cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and various other diseased states. They also slow down the aging process by protecting cells and DNA from damage, fighting inflammation and helping cells repair themselves.

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Build Muscle and Achieve Peak Performance on a Wholefood, Plant-Based Diet

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Torre Washington and David Haye are all world renowned bodybuilders who thrive on plants. And wholefood, plant-based eating is becoming increasingly popular among health conscious elite athletes as well; with celebes such as Venus Williams, Mike Tyson, David Carter, Ricky Williams, and Tony Gonzalez all touting its benefits. These super strong bodybuilders and athletes prove that the idea that you need animal protein to build muscle, is nothing more than a myth.

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Studies Show Plant-based Eating Can Reverse America’s Most Deadly Chronic Diseases

The science is finally catching up and confirming what I’ve been teaching for years – a wholefood, plant-based diet (WFPB) is the key to preventing and reversing America’s most deadly and common chronic diseases. In fact, plant-based nutrition has been shown to protect against the 15 leading causes of death in the world. Unfortunately, despite it’s remarkable benefits, plant-based eating still isn’t widely promoted by mainstream medicine or the media, probably because there is no money to be made in this all-natural way of eating. 

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This Simple Diet Rapidly Reverses Heart Disease and Diabetes

Eating the right diet is the best weapon you have for fighting diabetes and heart disease. But you need to be careful when choosing your diet because there is a lot of conflicting advice and some diets that claim to reduce chronic disease risk, can actually increase it. The ketogenic diet is a great example of this.