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Are you really healthy and truly young biologically?  

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

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Do you exercise daily with trampoline and restrictive bands? Yoga stretches x 2 a week? *

Do you engage in 12 to 15 minutes of intense forced negative rep training to 80% maximum heart rate 3x a week? 

Do you Practice flow training with a sustained heart rate of 55% maximum for 2 hours twice a week? 

Do you employ cyclic variations in Altitude  conditioning- CVAC 2 x week? Hyperbaric oxygen HBOT 1 or 2 x week? 

Do you get to bed early and sleep 8 or 9 hours a night waking without an alarm not requiring coffee in the morning? 

Do you detox 3x a week adding in PEMF & Jing Orb with alpha Stem? 

How good is your dental health and do you visit a biological dentist quarterly?

 Do you have love and connection daily or at least 3 x a week with pleasure and happiness in your life allowing contribution and a healthy community of friends and family?

 How many stem cell treatments in your life have you enjoyed ? 

Do you have NAD IV weekly sessions? 

Do you have the Hormone levels and metabolites of a 22 year old?  

Do you take supplements and practice lifestyle measures and functional, rejuvenate medicine to maintain  telomere length of the region of repetitive DNA sequences at the end of a chromosome to that of a 22 to 29 year old biologically? 

Are you biomarkers 10 to 20 years beyond your real Chronological age? 

Do you look and feel years younger even though you are approaching 50, 60, 70, 80 or 100 years of age? 

Do you have Perfect looking dry blood with zero oxidative Stress or less than 5% Reactive Oxygen Toxic Species- ROTS masses  and live blood analysis with lipids viewed by a Dr Delgado  Protocol certified practitioner? 

Ask your wellness practitioner or show the video image results of your healthy ratio of white blood cells to red blood cells with perfect quality and shape of Red Blood cells free of excessive triglycerides randomly done during the day?  

Can you pass a blood test for lipids & insulin non fasting after eating your Typical meal ?

Do you have proper omega fatty Acid levels? 

Is your C-reactive protein levels below 4 and LDL cholesterol under 95? 

Are you free of elevated cancer markers? PSA  CEA  HCG 

Have you had full body Thermography done within the last year or two? 

Do you have ideal blood pressure of 110/70 and ideal heart rate variability -HRV? 

Do you enjoy a high percentage of plant based, oil free, sugar free unprocessed diet with ancient sprouted grains, soaked nuts, sprouted live culture seeds, a wide variety greens, onions, leeks, squash, berries and a variety of fresh organic fruit certified free of pesticides and herbicides? 

Do you consume generous servings of tubers, mushrooms, and a wide variety of beans soaked then slow cooked in a crockpot daily? 

How much fiber is in your daily diet with at least 80 to 100 grams per day? Is your diet rich in Live fermented foods, plant based, Probiotics rich coconut yogurt, sauerkraut, and  Kimchi with a variety and biodiversity of ingredients daily? 

do you fast excessively making it difficult to consume at least 100 grans of fiber a day?

Are you at your ideal weight and lean body mass? What was your high school and college age weight?

Are you in a happy, living relationship that includes daily hugs and full building of passion and release weekly?

 Are you successful in your career path even with challenges in your work and able to count down backwards in 3 seconds in your conscious mind releasing stressful situations instantly? 

Do you have children and grandkids who are healthy and happy? 

Are you free of all synthetic chemicals, alcohol, tobacco, Prescription or over the counter medications?

Have you undergone at least 3 procedures of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE)  where your blood is passed through an apheresis machine, and the filtered plasma is removed and discarded with reinfusion of red blood cells along with replacement fluid such as plasma or albumin in to your  body by a qualified MD, DO, ND or PhD? 

Have you experienced Dr Benton Emotional Trauma Release Technique(TM)?

 Have you experienced weekly Timeline, NLP, Deep Trance Phenomena (DTP) sessions letting go of all negative emotions and limiting Beliefs fully living in your conscious state as guided by a certified practitioner trained by Dr Nick  Delgado, ABAAHP 

Can you lift dumbbell (25 lbs or 30 lbs) curl & press nonstop (more Intense and challenging than kettlebells or CrossFit)  nonstop for over 1 hour? 

How soon can you recover without any rest between sets? 

Have you has an Delgado approved certified trainer and have your training partner learn how to guide you with forced negative reps?  

Would you like to experience Dr Nick’s now famous 12 minute workout that takes all 8 muscle groups to complete temporary muscle failure and recover within hours (not weeks or months) for the most extraordinary workout and “lifters high” of your life?  

*Dr Nick challenge to Liver King & Jake Paul both fear defeat at his hands because he will out perform you even by January 5th 2024 when he turns age 69. 

 This is not bragging, this is a confidence gained by competing against some of the world’s strongest strength endurance Champions in the world using 45 lbs dumbbells at his current bodyweight of only 169 lbs at 5′ 8″ ! 

Answering No to any of these  parameters means you have a limited appreciation of Health & Happiness 

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