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A Novel way of beating the CoronaVirus

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

The coronavirus is on the rise and many are naturally wondering why? Mainstream dogma recommends the same old big pharma fantasies, however, studies have shown that instead of media promoting vaccines, a plant-based diet, hormonal balance and strengthening the immune system is a far better answer for preventing the spread of viruses. 

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5 Natural Steps to Strengthen the Immune system

The coronavirus is on the rise and many are naturally wondering why? Mainstream dogma recommends the same old big pharma fantasies, however, studies have shown that instead of media promoting vaccines, a plant-based diet, hormonal balance and strengthening the immune system is a far better answer for preventing the spread of viruses. 

Not only have studies proven that vegan women and men contract viruses less often; they also rid themselves faster of symptoms because their immune systems are optimized through nutrition

Most people will get rid of viruses naturally this way, however, the strength of their immune system plays a vital role. The faster the virus is flushed out, the less likely it can stay around and lead to complications.

Below are natural steps one can take to avoid the coronavirus as well as recover from it if contracted. As usual, the logical sequence is quite simple, viruses present in a weakened body can be avoided or destroyed through proper plant-based nutrition.The best diet for boosting the immune system is an oil-free, whole foods, plant-based diet with fruits and vegetables, plant-based proteins, and omega fatty acids found in coconut, and seeds.  

This diet will provide all of the nutrients and antioxidants your immune system needs to thrive, and the fiber in it will support a healthy gut microbiome, so the beneficial bacteria can do their job of defending you against viruses and other harmful microbes. 

Viruses are best avoided by boosting immunity with: hormonal support, protein peptides, supplementations, probiotics, fiber, whole foods nutrition, sleep and exercise.

In summary, Anti-Aging doctors can help patients focus on prevention and solution based on using physical barriers during exposure with the use of the masks and ventilated rooms. Rinse your mouth with silver, before and after kissing your lover. 

S.H.I.N.E.: 5 Powerful Steps to Build the Immune System and Combat Viral Infections

Those people with a weak immune system or who suffer from chronic fatigue will need shine: Sleep, hormones, infection immunity and (gentle) exercise to rebuild their adrenal system. 

S – Sleep and Stress Management

  • You need high quality sleep in order to reduce stress and fight off infections. To enhance your sleep practice sleep hygiene by going to bed and waking-up at the same time every day, sleeping in a cool, dark, quiet environment, and keeping electronics out of the bedroom.
  • Avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages. There are those with chronic fatigue, who generally cannot metabolize caffeine or even tolerate one cup of coffee. Those people who wake up unrested after 8 hours of sleep, or who get very upset when they are hungry, are likely at greatest risk to die from a flu like the coronavirus, regardless of their age. 
  • The herbs such as guarana from Brazil, and green tea can be used in place of coffee in moderation, as long as you can metabolize caffeine efficiently. 
  • Ongoing stress leads to elevated cortisol levels and overtime to exhausted adrenal glands and a cortisol deficiency – all of which compromise your immunity.
  • Use prayer, neuro reprogramming, NLP, and timeline therapy to reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.

H – Hormones and Peptides 

I – Infection Immunity 

  • Use a dental dam and condoms to prevent the spread of viruses during oral sex and intercourse. 
  • If you have a cold or flu, wear a mask to reduce the spread of the virus. 
  • Use professional strength silver rinse before and after contact. We offer Silver gel toothpaste. 
  • Take Adrenal DMG daily – it contains small amounts of cortisol to boost immunity, as well as several herbs that have natural and potent antiviral properties, including Echinacea, Astragalus Root, Licorice Root, and Lomatium. 
  • Use hand sanitizers. (Natural nontoxic version – Witch Hazel (⅔ cup), Aloe Vera (2 tbls), Tea Tree oil (20 drops) or Lavender if the smell of Tea Tree is too strong). 
  • Take Vitamin C found in Beet Vitality.
  • Neuro Ortho Stem also will support a stronger immune system. 

N – Nutrition and Nutraceutical Support

  • Animal based foods are loaded with harmful microbes and the highest risk for microbe exposure comes from animal based foods (pork & chicken).
  • According to the United Nations 70% of new human diseases originated in animals and many of those were directly linked to animals used for food.
  • Best diet is whole, unprocessed, and plant-based. It needs to be oil-free and sugar free.
  • Summary of best immune enhancing supplements
  • Adrenal DMG
  • Insulin Heart Mitochondria (contains Berberine, Lycopene). 
  • Neuro Ortho “Stem Enhancer”. Medicinal mushrooms. 
  • Hormone Cleanse Pro – DIM 259
  • LivDtox with apricot seed (With apricot seed is not available on Amazon, only at our site)
  • Beet Vitality or Stay Young AM 
  • Organic CBD Hemp oil. (call our office 949-720-1554 to get the best potency)

E – Exercise – gentle progressive increases in number of reps to 50 for each exercise, using light weights, medium distance walking at a pace that does not over tax your body.  Combine these 5 steps of SHINE which ties into my ongoing endorsement of the 4 key ways to achieve longevity 1) Detoxify 2) nutrify 3) Fortify 4) mind 

Contact Nick Delgado, PhD, ABAAHP, medical correspondent, contributor to Anti-Aging Therapeutics. A publication of the A4M. email phone 1-949-720-1554 


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